Limited Edition Leather Keyboard



There has been a trend to build computer keyboards from plastic, bamboo, metal and even glass, but has there ever been on made from leather? We cannot recall any and so this one must be a first! It is by the Japanese manufacturer Atelier Wazakura; they plan to sell just ten keyboards per month, which will sort of make this a very limited edition keyboard. I suppose all you are going to need now, is a leather monitor and mouse to complete the overall effect.



These are the details on this leather keyboard from Atelier Wazakura;


Total all leather body is also the keyboard. The keyboard has become a genuine leather orthodox aspects as well as the upper leather. It is a full keyboard, you can use it conveniently available to you how well the numeric keypad. The full keyboard is compact and slim, because it is also a large Enter key again, key pitch is taken sufficient width and 19mm, it is hard fatigue in long-term use.


Prices for this keyboard start from £135 ($211) to £203 ($317) for the special engraved key version.


Source [PC Launches]



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