Sharing Photos Is Easy With Scalados PhotoBeamer



It has become so much easier to share images between devices, thanks to the PhotoBeamer app from Scalado! This app allows the user to flick an image from any device running Apple’s iOS 5 OS to any display that is capable of running a browser, which today can include many new televisions and as such showing images to family, friends or even businesses is now so easy.



These are the features for the Scalado PhotoBeamer app;


Works on any display sporting a modern web browser – including desktop screens, projector screens, laptops etc.

Show your iPhone (iOS5 devices) photos on any screen, anywhere

Zero configuration with no registration necessary

Works over all connections, including 3G and Wi-Fi

Choose among themes supporting your mode of presentation

Progressive beaming and patented Scalado imaging technology, to ensure the fastest possible experience even over slow connections

No network setup, manual pairing, bumping or similar – connections work out of the box



This is app is ready to be downloaded from the iTunes Site and is priced at $0.99 and £0.69


Source [Slashgear]