The Twig Stand And Charger For The iPhone



This is the Twig; it has been designed for the users of the iPhone and more specifically those users who are always having problems with the cable twisting into a matted mess! Well this is a solution, the Twig is solid, colourful and it will the cable in place all of the time. It will also act as a stand too, so really the Twig is a multi purpose accessory.



These are the features for the Twig iPhone charger and stand;


Sync and charge on-the-go. It’s ultra-portable.

Charge your iPhone right on the outlet.

Snap fun tripod photos on-the-go.

Pose for perfect self-timer photos.

FaceTime with friends: on-the-go and hands-free!

Prop-up those laid-back speaker-phone calls.

Crank-up an impromptu upright boombox.

Save space with the best earbud cord wrap.

Use it with all iPhones, touches, and nanos.



You can back this project on Kickstarter for just £12 ($18) and bag yourself a black Twig in the process, if it is colour that you are after then you need to back the project for £13 ($20).


Source [Wired]