AGA Goes Tech With SMS Control



The classic AGA may be a bit of an institution, but the designers of this classic oven have brought it right into the 21st century with the iTotal Control Cooker. The clue is in the “i” as this £10,000 oven can be controlled via text message or for those with Smartphone’s there is always the AGA app for the iOS and Android devices.



This is how the all new AGA iTotal Control Cooker works;


Text message from a mobile phone. Dedicated smart phone apps for iPhone/iPad and Android phones. Dedicated website via a smart phone, laptop, tablet or personal computer

What’s more we’ve developed a level of functionality that allows the customer to turn individual ovens on as well as turning all ovens (and hotplates) off.


Priced at just over £10,000 ($16,000)


Source [Gizmodo]