Mini Submarine Kit For Underwater Exploring



Have you ever wondered what lies in the depths of a nearby river or coastline, well if so then there is something that might be of interest to you. It is the OpenROV a project managed by Eric Stackpole an engineer at NASA and researcher in underwater roving vehicles. The OpenROV will go down to a depth of 100 metres and is powered by just eight C Type batteries that provide enough power to keep this little submarine going for around an hour and a half.



These are the details for the coolest model submarine RV device;


OpenROV is a DIY telerobotics community centred around underwater exploration and education. The community has developed a low-cost telerobotic submarine that can be built with mostly off-the-shelf parts and is increasingly capable of doing serious scientific research. The goal of the project is to democratize exploration by allowing anyone to explore and study underwater environments. The OpenROV community is also laying the foundation for globally-connected citizen scientists to share their data and findings.



Kits will be priced at £485 ($750) with fully assembled units becoming available later


Source [Geeky Gadgets]