PC Games Controller With Trackball



It is not that often we are able to get the best of both worlds, but with this controller is seem possible, we have a games controller that is mash up of a traditional games console set up and that of a PC games controller. This means that the PC gamer is able to get more control over their game and beat the enemy into the ground with a vengeance! Currently this controller is merely an idea, but it is on Kickstarter where currently it has a long way to go in just over a month to achieve full funding.



Here what the cool looking controller that is yet to be named is all about;


This controller is a yet-to-be-named, one-of-a-kind marvel. It is a sort of hybrid controller that bridges the gap between typical PC style and console style gaming control. It has all the comfort and ergonomic goodness of a gamepad controller, plus an integrated trackball to add the speed, precision and intuitive response of a mouse. So, you can kick back in your favourite chair and fill your frag meter to your hearts content.



In order to pre-order one of these cool controllers you will need to pledge around £36 ($55) on the projects Kickstarter page.


Source [Oh Gizmo]