BT Fibre Not Wanted In Chelsea




As the rollout of superfast broadband continues throughout the country there will be those who have and those who have not, it is a fact of life. However, it seems that the in an area full of those who have, they have decided that become have nots, when it comes to high speed broadband services. Yes, the well-heeled folk of Chelsea have decided that BT street cabinets are far too large and ugly for their streets; as such, permission to install them has been refused by the Royal Borough.


According to a BT spokesperson, they said in a statement, that;


“We can confirm we have ceased deployment of fibre broadband in Kensington and Chelsea. This is unfortunate but we were left with no option after having the vast majority of our applications rejected by the council. Other councils, including those of neighbouring boroughs, have shown a greater eagerness to enjoy the benefits of fibre broadband.”


Source [Huffington Post]



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