New Telescope Will Find ET If He Exists




There is a new challenge to find planets that are capable of harbouring life, any life, not just life, as we know it! The project is the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope; it will be made up with three thousands dishes that are spread across three different countries. It will be so powerful it will process an exabyte of data every day, which is enough data to fill up fifteen million 64 GB iPods every single day! The bad news is that this $2 billion project will not be completed until 2024, maybe ET would have found us by then!


According to Michiel van Haarlem, who is the Director General of the consortium, he said;


‘This hugely important step for the project allows us to progress the design and prepare for the construction phase of the telescope,’

‘The SKA will transform our view of the universe; with it we will see back to the moments after the Big Bang and discover previously unexplored parts of the cosmos.’


Source [Daily Mail]