Zip Shooter The Compact And Foldable Camera Dolly




To say that this device is merely a camera dolly is an understatement it is or course, much more than that. The Zip Shooter is versatile professional tool that can take a variety of camera sizes and when you are finished with it, the Zip Shooter folds down small enough so that it can be transported around in almost any equipment bag. Currently it is going through the crowd funding process via Kickstarter, where it is almost a third of the way to reach its goal, with under a month to go.



This is part of the Zip Shooter pitch on Kickstarter;


The Zip Shooter takes the concept of a portable camera dolly and launches it into a whole new dimension!  It is the only device available that combines straight tracking and radial tracking movements, elevated and ultra-low undersling shooting, tabletop and shoulder-mount configurations, all in a unit that can support up to 20 lbs and still immediately break down into any gear bag.  It is the ultimate shooter’s tool at a price that is affordable for both the professional or the enthusiast.


Once the Zip Shooter hits the stores it will retail at around £277 ($425), but back this project on Kickstarter to the tune of £228 ($350) and you can get yourself an early model of the Zip Shooter.


Source [Zip Shooter]