At Last A Robot That Serves Beer




See, this is what we mean about robot being made to provide useful services to humans, such as cooking, cleaning, nursing and as in the case of this robot, serving beer! Who wouldn’t want a robot such as HeinyBot, well all right then it could be also be called CokeBot (the soft drink), but that is going to be just too confusing!



Here is the translation from the page of the Heinybot designer and builder;


This time, I show the operation of HeinyBot Waiter Mode Static. In This mode, eleven activated the robot, it enters a loop oscillating Movements, gestures and audio messages, which only leaves when to approach from the side we or front to less than 80 cm. If we do it for one side or the other will turn to us to serve beer. First, we have to pay, then will put the coin in the box and serve beer. Forget it, we put your hand under the dog and eleven it Detects your hand, give the can. I as you can upload more videos.


Source [Walyou]



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