Small Speaker Big Sound Thats The NuForce Cube



Anyone that decides on buying some portable speakers has a choice, small or large, the later offers better sound quality, but is bulky and therefore not very portable. Whereas the smaller model is highly portable and yet often end up offering a poorer quality of sound! However, the NuForce Cube claim to have solved this issue, by creating a small cube like speaker that offers a good quality of sound and other features too such as audio jacks and USB connectivity.



These are the main features and details for the NuForce Cube style speakers;


A built-in rechargeable lithium battery extends your listening enjoyment for up to eight hours of continuous playback. Battery can be recharged using standard USB charger (not included with Cube) or computer USB port’s power. USB DAC. Headphone amplifier. A special adaptor for the iPod Nano is available. With the adaptor in play, the duo becomes one of the world’s smallest, high-quality music systems.


Priced at £80 ($120)


Source [Technabob]



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