Fourteen Days Access To Usenet Free Of Charge



The usenet tool is powerful offering access to over eighty thousand discussion boards that contain content covering just about every subject under the sun. To start the free trail of usenet register on their sign up page, enter your email address and then get the usenet download, its that simple. This may or may not be what you are looking for, but there is nothing to lose by trying it, especially when it is free! You will need to have a valid credit card in order to start the free trail, its annoying but this is what free trails do these days.



Here is a little background information on the Usenet story;


The Usenet was brought to life at the University of North Carolina in 1979. Three IT-Students, Tom Truscott, Steve Bellovin and Jim Ellis connected two Unix-servers and thus created the Usenet as an alternative to the Arpanet, run by the US Army and scientific institutes. In the next 30 years Arpanet became the highly popular Internet and replaced Usenet as the dominant network. However, the Usenet still exists in its exact same shape and is now offering a unique powerful access to a huge archive of uncensored information and files.


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