How Technology Has Gradually Worked Its Way Into Your Car



The car has been with us for over a hundred years and technology has had a hand in the development of how the car is designed as well as how it is built. However, today there is a new wave of technology that is finding its way into the car, its digital technology and soon there will be no such thing as an analogue dial or manual button. This is the time of the digital takeover of the car and we have a useful info graphic to show how digital technology is being used more in the cars that we drive.


According to the specialist car insurer who produced this info graphic, Allianz said;


Digital technology has transformed and continues to transform every aspect of our lives. In the motor industry, technology developed throughout the years has enhanced our safety and comfort. The introduction of modern safety mechanisms such as lane departure warning and brake assist systems as well as iphone applications such as Driver Reviver and Car Butler has seen technology faithfully assisting drivers in times of need.



Source [Cool Infographics]



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