IE Will Come To An Xbox 360 Near You Soon



Now there is a valid excuse for demanding that your boss buys an Xbox 360 for the office, the reason being that you would be able to test new stuff on Internet Explorer. It is also a great thing for the Xbox 360 in the home as it means that an enabled Smartphone or tablet device using the new Xbox Smartglass service will be able to control the Xbox 360 and therefore with IE installed surfing is easy too! Expect to see IE on your Xbox 360 this autumn.



According to Marc Whitten, who is the head of Microsoft’s Xbox Live division, he has been saying that;


“Internet Explorer coupled with the power of Xbox will for the first time deliver a fast, fluid, intuitive web experience in the living room,”

“Xbox SmartGlass works with all the devices that you already own: the TV you already own, the phone you already own and the tablet you already own,”


Source [BBC]