Android Users Can Be First Off The Tube



This is an app designed for commuters and tourists to London. It’s an app currently only available to android users and it will show the user to where to get on a London Underground train in order to be the first off and out of the station before every else. It is amazing how something so simple can end up saving so much time and effort.



Here is a short description of the First Off The Tube Android app;


Never take the wrong end of the train again! Alight exactly @ the exit you need. First Off The Tube helps you board the Tube in order to be closest to your exits and interchanges at the chosen station. It incorporates a detailed database of each and every exit and interchange found on the Tube system and works perfectly well while you’re underground as it needs no internet connection or GPS information. You can search by line, or just by the station name to find the station you’re looking for.


This app s available on Google Play and is priced at £0.99 or $1.60 for the full version, although there is a free version covering just ten stations available.


Source [Telegraph]