Standzfree The Handy Tall Stand For The iPad



A stand for the iPad might sound crazy, but when you think of it this is something that makes perfect sense, because using the iPad while standing is a cool way of using the iPad and there are many reasons for wanting to use the iPad in this manner, such as for work or as a display.



These are the details for the Standzfree 000STA Floor Stand for iPad 1 or 2;


The patent-pending, fully adjustable and flexible design of the Standzfree tablet floor stand allows you to securely experience books, movies, games, and other applications, all hands-free. No longer will you have hand fatigue or lose desk space while propping up your tablet for extended periods of viewing or while charging. The Standzfree is adaptable to many different environments with flexibility and versatility. It’s built to be the ideal complement something that is “magical and revolutionary”. After several months of prototyping and design, the Standzfree is finally that accessory that would offer what no other accessory could: freedom.


Priced at $100 or £65


Source [Geek Beat]