The Handy Three Tool Tank In Green



This is something that would make a brilliant gift for Fathers Day, Birthdays or just about any another day where is cool little gift is in order! This is the Tool Tank, it will fit into the palm of your hand and yet it comes with three interchangeable tools for those times when you need to fix something but just do not have the tools at hand.



Here are the features on what this little hand held can do for you;


Right at the front line of utility tool solutions is our super handy mini Tool Tank, the cutest multi-tool key chain, featuring 3 screw-heads cleverly disguised within the tracks. Each screw-head attachment magnetically fixes into the turret and includes a large and small Phillips head and a flat head. DIY and tanks – two things at the heart of every red-blooded male’s existence. The Tool Tank is available at Spinning Hat now, simply click the buy button above to get yours.


Priced at £10 or $16


Source [Spinning Hat]