The Vinyl Tap App For The iPad



Here is a chance to play music how it used to be played, before cassettes, CD’s and certainly before digital music came along. This is Vinyl Tap and it will give you a chance to spin those discs just like grandpa did in the good old days, well maybe not so long ago, but in technology terms it was! The great thing about this app is that you cannot scratch or damage a record and you get two sides too, twice the fun.



These are the details for the Vinyl Tap app for the Apple iPad;


Ever have a hankering for the good old days? Remember the joy you felt when you pulled out that beautiful, black record from its sleeve and placed it gently on to your player, listened for that comforting crackle of the needle in the grooves as you lay back and closed your eyes? Vinyl has always invoked deep emotional responses. Even today it still has that power to commit you to listen to a whole album, experiencing the music in the way the artist intended. Vinyl Tap will enable you to enjoy reminiscing or have the vinyl experience for the first time using your iTunes library.


The Vinyl App is available from iTunes at £1.49 or $1.99


Source [Cool Material]