These REMYXX Trainers Are Completely Recyclable



It is amazing how many pairs of trainers actually end up in a landfill site, it runs into millions and surely, that cannot be good for anything. These trainers from REMYXX are totally recyclable and therefore one the fashion has died out, they can go on to become something else and thereby saving space in the landfill for real rubbish.



According to the details on the REMYXX Gear Kickstarter page, here is a little bit about the project;


It is with an uncommon marketability and distinct fashion that REMYXX are Sneakers with a Purpose™. The mission is not only to deliver an enjoyable sustainable sneaker, but also to advocate and initiate improvements in recycling. REMYXX are to be worn proudly as a means to share your eco-enthusiasm and instil the importance of products, companies, and individual behaviours that promote and demonstrate good recycling and a green-lifestyle



As with all Kickstarter projects there is level where the project repays the backer with the product and in this case it is $65 or £42.


Source [SF Gate]