Acoustic Retro Style Speaker Dock For The iPhone



Here is something for the iPhone owner who has a touch of the retro style, it is based on one of those old horn based record players, but with one difference, there are no working parts in this version. Its design makes the sound coming from the iPhones own speaker sound as if it has been amplified through a sound system.



These are the features for the Acoustic iPhone Speaker Dock with retro style horn;


This speaker from ReAcoustic for your music device utilizes a vintage phonogragh horn. This requires no batteries or cords. Completely acoustic! Simply place your iPhone in the slot and enjoy tunes of yesterday or today with an amazing vintage sound. Great conversation piece.

This interesting piece is made of the metal vintage phonograph horn and is mounted to a reclaimed, edge glued wood that is stained dark walnut to accent the amazing contrasting grains.


Priced at $357 or £234


Source [Etsy]