Minecraft Gets The LEGO Treatment



A while ago LEGO CUUSOO asked for ideas on the best way to approach the problem of producing a LEGO set based on the popular social game Minecraft. We as you can imagine the response was high but finally it has been narrowed down to what could become the next big LEGO design of the year, check it out and see what you think! Is this going to be a hit or miss?



Here are some of the ideas behind the LEGO Minecraft project;


We’re excited about all of the LEGO Minecraft ideas on LEGO CUUSOO. Thanks to our community for your great inspiration! Seeing LEGO Minecraft sets is also our dream, so we linked to one of the projects. It’s clear to us that there are many creative people with good ideas for this and we want to throw our own hat into the ring and start this project to bring the best LEGO Minecraft builders together.



Priced at $35 or £23 if you can find it!


Source [Oh Gizmo]