PressReader Brings Todays Newspapers To Your Device



This is PreeReader its a service that allows the user to read almost any publication on their Smartphone or tablet device, it uses a free app for Android, Apple and Blackberry devices, but the actual service is subscription based, so there is a fee in there to consider before you download this app to your Smartphone.



These are the details for the brilliantly useful PressReader app;


If you’re looking for the ultimate reading experience for your favourite newspapers and magazines, then you have to try PressReader 3.1. With its SmartFlow content presentation design, PressReader is without a doubt the most engaging, feature-rich and entertaining newspaper and magazine reading application you’ll ever use.



This is a free app downloadable from the Blackberry App World, Google Play and the iTunes Store, but in order to enjoy the fantastic content available on PressReader there is a subscription fee to pay, which works out at $0.99 or £0.65 for the pay as you read or $29.95 or £20 for all you can read.


Source [Press Reader]