Produce Your Own Street View Style Maps



Here is something that is both cool and a bit weird all at the same time. It’s called the DIY Street View system so now you already know what it is about. However, the you do get a choice here from either mounting the device onto the roof of your car or alternatively there is a backpack mounted device, yes you walk around with this huge camera sticking out of your backpack and nobody is going to notice this?



These are the main features and details for the cool and interesting DIY Street View system;


Features: Very easy to operate DIY-streetview camera. Image Processing Server for automatic processing of footage. Google custom streetview player for your website. One month email support included.

Includes: DIY streetview Camera. Camera Adapter. Battery & Charger. Watertight, dust proof, crushproof transport case. Table Stand. Set of SD cards. Image Processing Server

Panorama stitching: leveling. geotagging. preparing for the Google custom streetview player. generation of database entries for navigation

Google custom streetview player: player for your website. database for navigation. images can be saved to e.g. Amazon S3 cloud for distribution

Support: One month email support included. Live support and training available optionally.


There are no prices available for this set up at the moment, although you can apply for a quote on the firm’s website


Source [DIY Street View]



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