The iXoost Exhaust Manifold Dock For iOS Devices



This is something special and I suppose that it really will be for petrol heads who simply love the sound of a V8, V10 or V12 engine purring away under the bonnet. This is the iXoost exhaust manifold style dock, it comes with a slightly different sound and it will depend on what on the iPhone or iPod. These are truly spectacular docks, with chrome, aluminium and a dash of coloured paint just to add to the overall effects.



Here are some specs for the cool looking exhaust manifold dock for the iPhone and iPod;


iXoost is the first audio system for iPhone©/iPod© entirely hand-built in Modena by local craftsmen. Every iXoost base out of a solid block of aluminium, with parts such as the exhaust manifold turned and milled using five-axis machines, making this object unique also in terms of the way it’s put together.


Unfortunately, we do not have any prices for these great exhaust manifold dock docks.


Source [Technabob]