The Safecast Clear Case Geiger Counter



It seems that there is a serious market for Geiger counters these days, but this sort of tech does not come cheap! However, there is a reasonably priced Geiger counter currently going through the crowd funding Kickstarter site. The project has actually gone well passed its pledge goal of $4,000, in fact, currently it has raised almost $26,000 and there are still 11 days to go! So this project will be moving onto the next level and this is your chance to get involved before it’s too late.


Here is part of the Kickstarter pitch from Safecast for their handy Geiger counter;


So here you go: a Kickstarter exclusive Safecast Geiger counter. Limited clear plastic casing (like these pics), numbered edition of however many people pre-order them here. The only way ever to get this clear version is from this Kickstarter campaign. Obviously, this edition is a real working Geiger counter, 100% functionally identical to the forthcoming retail release version.



You can get your hands on one of the special edition Kickstarter version of the Geiger counter by backing the project with just $400 or £260.


Source [Mashable]