Keep A Cool Rear This Summer



When it is hot and stress is building, it is so easy to blow your top and where does that get you? In trouble and lucky to keep your job in most cases. However, this can all be forgotten about, with this interesting idea from Japan. It is a cushion that helps you keep cool from bottom up! (See what I did there!) Anyway, the battery powered aeroseat does exactly what it says on the box, keeps your rear cool!



These are the specs for the Aero Seat Cooling Cushion Summer air-conditioned chair;


Color: blue, pink or green

Size: 41 x 61cm (16.1 x 24″)

Materials: polyester 100%

Two level adjustment: low, high

Power consumption: 0.6W

Wind: around 190 ltr per minute (high); around 95 ltr per minute (low)

Cover can be washed in laundry machine

Low noise

Long-life motor: approximately 8,000 hours

Power: AA x 4 (not included)


Priced at £57 or $88


Source [Technabob]