Vodafone And O2 Merge Networks



The second and third largest providers of mobile phone services in the UK, O2 and Vodafone UK are planning to share their networks in order to compete with the largest provider, EverythingEverywhere and save on costs in the process. This means that the merging will create one large network consisting of 18,500 masts, boosting the mobile signal in both towns and rural areas.



According to Vodafone UK’s chief executive Guy Laurence and O2’s chief executive Ronan Dunne, they said that;


“there would be cost-savings but would not give any financial details. However, 2,500 mobile masts should be decommissioned out of the pair’s existing 21,000. It should mean Vodafone and O2 each get access to an extra 40 per cent in the number of masts. Analysts suggested the savings could run into hundreds of millions of pounds.”


Source [Independent]



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