Introducing The 2012 Chrysler 300C

When the Chrysler 300C first appeared in 2003, it was a shock to the system for its styling, size and sheer presence was simply staggering, but now there is a new Chrysler 300 on the block and its better than ever. The 2012 Chrysler 300C, which goes on sale in the UK on 14 June, is new in every respect. Better built, safer, even more lavishly equipped and more efficient than its predecessor, the new Chrysler 300C retains a unique position in the executive sector.

The new Chrysler's wing has been remodelled to have a more modern appearance. Its exterior include a sculpted front bumper and jorizontal chrome grille blades. In addition, LED Daytime Running Lights create a unique presence on the road. The marked wing lines in the front and rear emphasise the spaciouness of the passagens compartment. Comnines with a 20-inch aluminium wheels on the the Executive, they give the car a sporty low oon the ground appearance.

The Chrysler 300C has been built to the very highest standards to enable it to compete with other cars in the executive sector, which takes some doing, but there is a hi-tech feel, as nestled amongst the Nappa leather and wood panelling.

As expected, the interior of the car is not just luxurious it has been fitted out with latest technology to make driving a pleasure. The first thing to notice is the Keyless Enter ’n Go feature that detects the key fob allowing for easy entry and push button starting.

Under the bonnet there is a newly designed 3.0 litre V6 turbo diesel offering the power of the V6 along with the fuel efficiency of the diesel power. Chrysler expects the driver to get an average 39.8 mpg, while enjoying smooth acceleration and a top speed 144 mph.

The 300C is a car that is as safe as it looks, allowing the passengers to travel knowing that this is a car that has been tested to highest standards, this includes front, side, roll and even fire tests. Nobody is going wish for an accident, but should it happen this is the car to be in.

Finally, this is a car that knows how to handle itself because of the design and materials used, the balance is just right allowing the driver to drive the car and not the other way around. Chrysler has thought of everything here and it shows.

This is not a car that everyone will like the look of, but it is a car that everyone would like own and drive. It is classic American motoring brought into the 21st century by the style and design that we can only expect from a brand such as Chrysler.

Find out more on the Chrysler 300 by visiting the UK specific Facebook page or Twitter, this is one car that deserves the once over, so why not Order a Test Drive now!


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