Lego Shows Off Brain Bricks



Could this be the big thing coming out of the World of Lego? Well maybe, as this is a project from Lego Cuusoo website, where projects are posted by anyone with an idea and a dream of seeing this come to life should the suits decided that there is some money to be made from it. Unfortunately, the page on the Lego Cuusoo has gone and I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing!



These are the details on the cool BrainBricks project by Lego Cuusoo;


BrainBricks is a concept product for LEGO® that merges psychical and digital play. The LEGO® BrainBricks include tiny sensors, which enable the bricks to sense their configuration with one another and communicate it wirelessly to any mobile device. This allows you to bring your actual LEGO® creations to life within a digital gaming experience. So, the better you build, the better they perform within the game.



Source [Geek]