Star Trek Engagement Ring



Initially this ring design sounds like a great idea, but only if both halves of the couple are fans of Star Trek, otherwise it is not going to work, is it? However, for the Trekkie couple, its ideal made from sterling silver and a white sapphire mounted onto the Federation insignia, it is out of this world.



These are the details for the cool and very special Star Trek engagement ring;


You are looking at the stunning Sterling Silver, 14K White Gold and White Sapphire Engagement Ring!!

This beauty is absolutely handmade by me in my studio!

The Stone set in this ring is 3mm Round Brilliant White Sapphire.

The stone is set in 14K White Gold setting

The main body of the ring is made from Sterling Silver.


The ring is stamped with my signature VaLa, 925 -Sterling Silver and 14K -White gold.


Priced at $500 or £330


Source [Technabob]