Twitter User Data Leaked By LulzSec Reborn



It has been a few months since LulzSec Reborn announced itself, they have been a bit quiet but it seems that they have been a bit busy recently with an attack on the micro blogging site Twitter through the TweetGif app. A file containing the details of up to ten thousand users has posted on Pastebin. It is believed that the content contains usernames, actual names, locations, bios and more, although it is not clear what is planned for the data, if anything!



This is a state from Twitter for users that are worried about their security;


“We can confirm that all Twitter account passwords have remained secure, and no breach of our systems has occurred in connection with the events experienced by TweetGif. Regarding how TweetGif  was compromised, we can’t speak on their behalf. Since this application used OAuth, no user passwords were exposed; for more information on why OAuth is our recommend connection method to grant an application access to your account, please see our help pages on Safety: Keeping Your Account Secure and How to Connect and Revoke Third Party Applications. “


Source [Mashable]