Hyundai Design Zombie Proof Car



When the zombie uprising takes place, you are going to need a car, but not just any old car that might let you down just when you need it! You need a car that has been designed to protect the occupants from the zombies, while looking cool and being great to drive too. Maybe that is why the Walking Dead writer, Robert Kirkman and Hyundai have got together to come up with a modified Elantra GT, with built in deflector on the front, steel covers for the windows and a secure sunroof so that the passengers can handle the zombies in the only way that they know how! There’s more! This car can be won by a lucky US based fan, simply head over to the special webpage to enter, you have got until the end of July to enter.



This is what the Walking Dead writer Robert Kirkman, has to say about the car and competition;


Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, describes his vision for this zombie-proof Hyundai Elantra Coupe. Built to save you from the clutches of the undead, this custom Elantra will be on display at the Future US Comic-Con booth. For more, go to


Hyundai Design Zombie Proof Car


Source [Nerd Approved]



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