Is ET Waiting For Us To Call



Over the past couple of years there has been change in how we see the galaxy and beyond, as technology improves and more earth like planets are discovered, it stands to reason that at some point life beyond our planet will be found, be it intelligent or some other life, eventually ET will be found as Dr. Seth Shostak explains;



According to TED this is a little bit about the ET lecture;


Dr. Seth Shostak participates in the search for extraterrestrial life at the SETI Institute. He heads up the International Academy of Astronautics’ SETI Committee, and hosts a weekly radio show, “Big Picture Science”. Shostak has published more than 400 popular articles on science, and his most recent book is Confessions of an Alien Hunter, A Scientist’s Search for Extraterrestrial Life (National Geographic). Shostak is also an accomplished photographer. His photos have been featured on the cover of Time magazine.


Is ET Waiting For Us Call


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