The Tablift Holder For iPads



As anyone who has tried to use the iPad in bed or sitting down for any period of time will know, it is not easy and there is always the chance of dropping device and that is just no good at all. The Tablift aims to solve this problem by providing the user with a support that hold the iPad in place so that the user has two free hands and should they fall asleep while lying down the iPad will not end up on the floor either.



Here is a little of information on the Tablift from their Kickstarter page;


The tablift was designed to hold the iPad in a stable and optimal viewing position regardless of the unevenness of the wonderfully cushy surface you are resting on. It has undergone 8 months of continual prototype iteration and redesign to arrive at its current streamlined functional design.

It’s patent pending design uses four independently adjustable legs which allow it to stand level and stable on virtually any cushioned surface.  And it’s low center of gravity means it will not tip over (assuming you don’t flip your entire mattress over!)


The Tablift Holder For iPads


Once this goes retail it will cost around £52 or $80, but become a Kickstarter backer and you can get one for just £35 or $55, bargain! But only if they get all the funding, at the moment they are well short of the target and there is less than a month to go.


Source [Oh Gizmo]



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