BMW Launches Electric Bike For Olympics



The German car maker BMW is launching a cool new electric powered car in time for the London Olympic Games. However, the i3 electric car, has one cool option and it is called the BMW i Pedelec (Pedal Electric Cycle) concept bike. Apparently, it slips into the boot of the car; you have to suppose that this would come in handy when the cars battery begins to run low and needs charging.


BMW Launches Electric Bike For Olympics


These are the main features and details for the cool electric bike from BMW;


Highlights; Battery range up to 33 miles – Easily charged via electric socket inside car, at home or office – Maximum speed 15.5mph – Quick and easy folding mechanism – Rollable and steerable when folded – Lightweight at under 20kgs

Technical Information; 200W motor power – 350Wh battery, lockable – Hydraulic disc brakes – Frame and rear wheel made from carbon fibre and aluminium – Brake energy regeneration


There are details on the pricing just yet


Source [Daily Mail]



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