How To Boil Water With No Flame



Therefore, you are out in the wilderness, its cold, wet and all you need is a hot drink. However, making a fire is just too hard under these conditions and so what you need is the HeatStick, this device makes enough boiling water for the nice hot drink just when you need it!



These are the details and features for the HeatStick water heating device;


HEATSTICK is a revolutionary water heating system for freeze-dried rations, boil-in-the-bag rations, MREs, beverages and personal hygiene in extreme climatic conditions where efficiency, safety and performance are everything. It is developed to meet the needs of Special Forces and outdoor professionals under the most hostile conditions.


How To Boil Water With No Flame


Priced at £259 or $404, while the refills come in at £50 or $78 for a pack of ten refill sticks.


Source [Oh Gizmo]