How To Colonize A Planet Game



The idea of Alpha Colony sounds simple enough, you mission is to make the most of the resources on a distant planet by the Multiple Use Labour Element (MULE) principle to produce food, energy and to find valuable minerals too in order to end up with the largest amount of assets on the new planet. This is new social game that is looking to gain enough funding in order to move the development forward, but they have a long way to go and there are only twenty odd days left.



These are the details on the game as per the developers pitch on Kickstarter;


What is M.U.L.E. about? – In the game, four players attempt to colonize a distant planet. They do this by using Multiple Use Labour Element to harvest food, collect energy, and mine minerals. The goal of the game is to amass the greatest wealth, but you must develop a successful colony first!


How To Colonize A Planet Game


For just £6 or $10, you can back this project on Kickstarter and get an early digital iOS edition of the game.


Source [Kickstarter]



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