Retailer To Charge An Internet Explorer 7 Tax



If you are a user of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 browser and happen to be in the market for a cool electrical bargain on the Australian retail site Kogan, you may be on for a bit of a shock for they have started charging IE7 users what they are calling the Internet Explorer 7 Tax! Users of other browsers are not charged.


Retailer To Charge An Internet Explorer 7 Tax


According to the retailer Kogans web page on this subject, they are saying;


Today at Kogan we’ve implemented the world’s first “Internet Explorer 7 Tax”. The new 6.8% tax comes into effect today on all products purchased from by anyone still insistent on using the antique browser.

But don’t worry, unlike other taxes, we’re making it easy to get around this one with a simple upgrade away from IE7 :).


Source [Technabob]