Keep A Video Record Of Your Car Journey



It is not always easy to keep a record of your latest long drive across the country, as there are too many things to remember to do all at once. However, the Roadtrip Video Recorder is a piece of kit that can do the job for you, as it is able to store up to three hours of video on the 32GB SD card.



These are the details on the brilliant Roadtrip Video Recorder;


This is the video camera that sets up in a car and enables hands-free visual and audio documentation of travels. The suction cup mount attaches to a window or dashboard and the camera can be directed to record color video at 640 x 480 resolution of the approaching horizon or roadside views. The lens has a 120º viewing angle, an 8X zoom, and integrated motion detection that automatically initiates recording when the car is moving.


Priced at £83 or $130 at Hammacher and Schlemmer.


Source [Cool Material]



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