Managing Your Energy Online


It is no secret that the cost of fuel is at an all time high, but we lead busy lives and therefore we have no choice but to pay the bills as they roll in. However, British Gas think they have the answer, by managing your account online the customer will be able to spend more time doing other things, they will save money and they can see exactly what the status of the their account is when they want to.
By registering to manage your British Gas account online, you will receive 2000 Nectar points and has access to the Smartphone app, which is available for Android and iOS devices. Now managing your British Gas account is even easier and can be done at anytime, such as during the daily commute.

So what are the advantages of using the Smartphone app? Well you can; View your balance, which is always a good place to start. Print your bill if you prefer to keep a paper record. Enter meter readings so that your bill is always up to date. Monitor your energy consumption for easy budgeting and peace of mind. Finally, you can book and track an engineer appointment, making it easy to plan the rest of your day.

It has been estimated by British Gas that by switching to paying bills online, the customer can save around an hour a day; this is because everything is so fast and secure online the management bills can be done during those times when you are waiting around.
There is also the added bonus of saving around a £100 a year, paying the bills by direct debit is very cost effective and offers the customer savings right away. With savings like that can anyone really say that there is no point in managing accounts online and best of all, it costs nothing to find out! Register now

The simple fact is that we all lead busy lives these days no matter what job we do and therefore any help from any source, that save us time and money has to be good thing. Find out more

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