One Sensor Device Running Hundreds Of Apps



This is one of the devices that have been compared to the tri-corder from the original series of Star Trek, of course, it’s not! But that is only because it is far better than something created during the 1960’s. The Sensordrone is a handy and portable device that runs all of the apps that make the day go by without hitch! Currently they are going through the Kickstarter process, but they are well over the pledge goal and so it will not be long before this device shows up somewhere.



These are the details on the Sensordrone from the designers Kickstarter page;


Sensordrone Lets You Run Hundreds of Previously Impossible Sensor Apps. Sensordrone can fit on your keychain, monitor your environment, and talk with your Smartphone via Bluetooth.  Sensordrone already includes more sensors than anything else available, so you can run hundreds of new apps.  Apps that are surprisingly useful in your daily life, fun apps, scientific apps, and more.



You have a choice here by either backing the project with £112 or $175 to get your pre-order in, or wait until the device is released and pay the £127 or $200 retail price.


Source [Gajitz]