Got Poor Broadband Its Probably Your Fault



It seems that for those of us who are constantly complaining about the broadband speeds that we receive in our offices and homes, the answer is that it is probably something that we have done. An engineer from TalkTalk has been explaining some of the issues. It seems that some broadband users are not using the main socket for their router or even using a filter on the line either, both of which can reduce the broadband connection speed drastically. It is believed that with a little of bit care and rearranging of electrical equipment the average user could increase their broadband speed by as much as 4 Mbps!



According to Dan Downham a broadband engineer over at TalkTalk, he said;


“A bit of basic home maintenance and some re-jigging of the wiring in the living room could speed up internet connections no end,”

“People need to think of broadband in the same way as water and electricity. It’s a commodity that can go to waste if you’re not careful.”


Source [Gizmodo]