Will They Never Learn Gmail Allows Custom Themes



It seems that some of the lessons that social sites have learned from went straight over the heads of the Gmail guys as they now allows users to create and post custom themes. So this will mean that instead of a cool and simple white pages that we have come to love, so folks will using their images of their kids, dogs and just about anything else that takes their fancy! Google says that it adds flair to your inbox, what do you say?



According to the Google Gmail Support page this is what you can now do on Gmail;


Have a picture of your dog that you’d like to make your background theme? Have no fear, you can also select your own images to use as a theme. Select one of the two options under the “Custom themes” section: Light or Dark. You can then pick an image (we recommend that you select one larger than 2560 x 1920 px) from your computer, phone, photo albums, and the web. When you upload an image, it goes into your private albums and will only be visible to you.



Source [Buzz Feed]