Farmer Paints QR Code Onto Cow



Some people may find this weird, cruel or just interesting, for me it is the later not because of the cow but simply because its QR code painted on a cow in the middle of rural England. Scan the code with your Smartphone and it will take you to the farms website, but just in case you cannot get to scan the QR Code, this is the link to This Is Dairy Farming, which contains information on the herd and the working farm! Cool idea though!



According to the Farmers website this is a little bit about Lady Shamrock;


Thanks for stopping by. My name is Lady Shamrock and I’m a dairy cow – one of around 1.5 million in Britain. I’m a Friesian which means I have a black coat. Friesians are pretty common, but Holstein-Friesians are the most common in Britain. I’ve met other types, of course, although they are not as common: Jersey cows (small and beige in colour), Guernseys (brown and white) and Ayrshires (orange to a dark brown).


Source [Geeko System]