There Is A New Game From Zynga On Facebook



For those who have somehow had enough of playing something ville, the social games developer Zynga have come up with something new, well new for them! It’s called Ruby Blast and its one of those games where you need to match three shapes or colours in order to collect them and move on to the next level! There are games like this around, but this is the first of its kind from Zynga and therefore is bound to be seen on a Smartphone near you anytime soon!



Here are some details on the new and free social game from Zynga;


New free game! Ruby Blast, is a fast, fun, game, where you match gems, dig through bedrock with help from friends, and activate power-ups to reach high scores in a weekly leaderboard. Ruby Blast follows intrepid archeologist, Ruby, in a high-speed race into the depths of an ancient mine where you smash through dirt to uncover hidden treasure and face off with friends.



This is a free to play game available on the new Ruby Blast Facebook page


Source [Mashable]