Google TV Ready Launch In The UK



Google have announced a tie up with electronics giant Sony to launch Google TV in the UK. The device is a set top box and with the remote control it allows the user to browse the internet for their favourite TV shows, there will also be apps available that will take the user direct to the content provided by certain broadcasters etc.



According to a posting by Suveer Kothari, Google TV head of global distribution on the Google TV Blog, he said;


Two years ago, we launched Google TV in the U.S. to bring the best of Google and the Web to your TV, and we’ve been improving it ever since. YouTube’s been tailored for the big screen; Google Play now offers thousands of mobile apps and hundreds optimized for TV; the Web is now at your fingertips with Chrome; and you can search whatever you want—all on top of enjoying the great entertainment available on TV. Starting today, Google TV devices will be available for pre-order in the U.K



Google are expecting the set top box to be ready for next month when it will come with a price tag of around £200!


Source [BBC]



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