The Alarm With A Big Snooze Button



How many times does the alarm go off in the morning only for you reach out a touch every button apart from the snooze button! Well this is a clock that aims to make waking up in the morning a little easier and with a huge snooze button getting an extra few minutes is no problem either. This is so civilised and yet with just over a month to go they are still falling short of reaching their pledge goal of £32,000 or $50,000!



These are the details for Big Snooze Bar from their pitch on Kickstarter;


We were tired of fumbling for our iPhone alarm in the morning, so we created Snooze – the bedside stand with a big snooze bar. It creates a home for your iPhone and cable, so no more knocking your iPhone off of the nightstand or turning your alarm off by accident. Snooze lets you easily quiet your alarm or incoming phone calls. Some call snoozing your alarm lazy, but we like to think of it as keeping the dream alive



They intend on retailing this for around £40 or $60, but backers on Kickstarter can get one for just £25 or $40, which has got to be bargain!


Source [Mashable]