Yahoo Launch Photo App For Email



Most people who use email will have an accumulation of images that people have sent; these are either left in the inbox or deleted if not required. However, what if you want to find specific image, you will have to trail through them all wasting time and patience! Not any longer with Yahoo! Mail though, as they are bringing out an app that will do all of the hard work for you. It is in beta at the moment, but users of this mail service can expect to see it appear soon!



According to a blog posting by Miriam Geller, Director of Product Management, Yahoo! Mail these are the features of the new app;


Skip searching: Easily find all of your photos in one place

Share in seconds: Email your photos with one click or upload to Flickr

Find the associated email: Locate the photo (or attachment) and the email it was originally sent with

Sort easily: Easily sort and filter photos and attachments by sender, date, size or file type



Source [IT Pro Portal]