New Short Film By Riva Nova



The story of Adeline starts with her digging up the past, quite literally! But this not always a great idea as many of us will already know, yet this story takes a dramatic turn of events as the darkness begins to take a turn for the worst with tragic circumstances.


ADELINE – short film from Riva Nova Films on Vimeo.


This is the background on the short movie that brings us art, poetry and just a touch of darkness.


The story opens up to reveal a poet’s life or death circumstances. Played by Daniella Alma, the character Adeline decides to literally dig up her past with shovel in hand, reaching deep into the ground to reconnect with a book of her most personal writings. Over the course of this short film, we experience the inner battle that Adeline encounters with her darker self.



Source [Riva Nova Films]



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