UK Homes Waste £1.3 Billion Using Standby



For a long time now, we have had to listen to those eco friendly folk talking about how much power is wasted by not turning gadgets off, well it seems that they were right. In a study conducted by the Energy Saving Trust they found the average home in the UK wastes around £86 per year just by leaving electrical items such as TV’s, computers and other gadgets on standby. This may not seem to be a whole lot of cash; it works out at just 24p per day! Buy when you add all of the homes together, it comes out at a massive £1.3 billion worth of wasted electricity, now that is a lot of wasted power.



According to Greg Barker, who is the energy and climate change minister, he said;


“Using energy more wisely in our homes will not only cut carbon but will also help save money on bills. But first we need to really understand how we use this energy in order to become more energy wise.”


Source [Telegraph]